Pip Wilson

Is a trainer, author, group worker and gamester. He has also spent his life as a street gangs worker in east London, a residential care worker in Cheshire, a homeless charity CEO in London, a games show designer and host worldwide.

Ian Long

Has worked as an artist with children, youths and adults. He has been a youth children’s worker in Gloucestershire, an artist-in-residence in Lambeth and was a primary school teacher. Ian has illustrated many books for Pip Wilson.

Nikki Giant

Nikki Giant is an author, educator and entrepreneur with an interest in youth well-being and bullying prevention. She is the founder and director of a social enterprise, Full Circle Education. Nikki holds qualifications in counselling, play therapy and life coaching.

Eve Wilson

Eve Wilson has spent over 40 years in education, including ten as a head teacher; she is also a qualified Ofsted inspector for Primary and Early Years. Eve set up her own publishing company, Learn4Life.


Ashley Ross was Head of Research and Development at Spellbinder Education. He has advised and supported schools for many years, including writing over 30 titles in the field of PSHEE and Citizenship. Ashley has a wide range of experience in multi-agency working.

Sue Neame

Sue Neame was Head of Quality Assurance at Spellbinder Education. She has inspected, advised and provided training for schools in PSHEE and Citizenship, including writing over 30 titles. She is also well known for her work in Emotional Intelligence.

Dave Stott

Dave Stott is a leading UK trainer, consultant and author in pupil behaviour management. He was a head teacher, then became Head of Special Provision for Children with Emotional and Behavioural Difficulty and Head of Behaviour Support Services, Northamptonshire.

E A Morris

E A Morris is a mental health and well-being specialist. She has worked in education and health for 30 years and has run many self-esteem building, behaviour change and conflict management programmes for children with a wide variety of needs.

Stephanie George

Stephanie George is a deputy head teacher and trainer with experience of working with teams of mentors in a variety of challenging settings. She has received two DfE Excellence in Cities awards and her team became TES Support Team of the Year 2013.

Annie Radburn

Annie Radburn is a writer who has collaborated with Rad Radburn for many years to produce educational material, freelance commissions and children’s books. Together they create relatable characters in settings and situations that are topical, reflecting issues that are important to children’s everyday lives.

Erica Douglas-Osborn

Erica Douglas-Osborn is a Child and Educational Psychologist based in Greater Manchester working for a Local Authority. She has a keen interest in early years, mindfulness and supporting early intervention. Erica is also an honorary tutor at Manchester University and guest lecturer Manchester Metropolitan University.

Juliet Firstbrook

Juliet Firstbrook has been a primary school teacher for 18 years and specialises in KS1. She is a successful artist and has sold paintings worldwide. Juliet has also worked as a professional portrait photographer and academic tutor.

Vanessa Harrison

Vanessa Harrison has a speech and language therapy background. She has been involved over a long period with the design of therapy and teaching materials in the fields of language and social/emotional development, recognising the importance of high quality and motivating resources.

Alice Griffin

Alice Griffin is an author who has studied and worked in the area of health and social care with a particular focus on working with children and young people. She is passionate about creating resources that nurture social and emotional development.

Heidi Rivolta

Heidi Rivolta is an illustrator who loves to create resources that imaginatively capture children’s attention. She also teaches French to very young children through puppets, songs and stories.

Hilary Whates

Hilary Whates is an artist, author and publishing professional. During her varied career she has delivered projects for organisations including Childline, Young Enterprise and local training councils. Hilary was an Artist in Residence in a Northamptonshire Primary School.

John Linstead

John Linstead has over 40 years of experience in primary education. As well as his classroom experience he has been a head teacher for nearly 15 years and has trained Ofsted inspectors and local government advisers. Currently he is a visiting tutor on the Graduate Teacher Programme.

Laura Walker

Laura Walker is a social worker with the NSPCC. She has a background in child protection and fostering, and has specialised in sexual abuse work for the past six years.

Carol Laugharne

Carol Laugharne is a qualified youth worker with 20 years’ experience working in a number of settings including children’s rights, drug/alcohol services and sexual exploitation.

Naomi Samuel

Naomi Samuel is a social worker and teacher with over 11 years’ experience in social care and education. She specialises in working with children and young people with behavioural needs, learning needs and disabilities. Naomi is the co-founder of Look Inside, a sensory play centre for children with additional needs and disabilities.

Bill Stott

Bill Stott became a full-time cartoonist after 28 years in education as an art teacher, progressing to head of faculty and an art and design HMI. Bill’s cartoons have been published in magazines such as Punch and Private Eye. More than 30 of his cartoon books have been published internationally.

Jacqueline Morrison

Jacqueline Morrison is a Psychology and Counselling graduate who specialises in social skills groups with students aged 11-14. She has successfully supported four cohorts of students to overcome barriers to achievement relating to friendship issues.

Jeba Begum

Jeba Begum s a professional mentor and data expert. She is currently developing mentoring assessments with the use of technology. Jeba has also developed successful Peer Mediation teams that have a 100% pass rate for the AQA Award Peer Mediation.

Jenny Mosley

Jenny Mosley is a leading UK and international trainer, consultant and author on behaviour. Drawing on her experience as a teacher, lecturer and consultant, Jenny developed her successful classroom behaviour management model, Quality Circle Time (QCT).

John Evans

John Evans is a wildlife photographer. As well as tutoring and lecturing on the topic, he also runs photography workshops. John’s other love is music. He plays with various bands and released his first album, Highland Dreams, in August 2013.

Betty Rudd

Betty Rudd is a chartered counselling psychologist and specialist teacher. She is also the co-director of Hygeia Health Limited. Betty was in the original team which brought Circle Time from the USA to the UK.

Patricia Andrews-Wardell

Patricia Andrews-Wardell has been teaching for 26 years. Her career led her to become an Enrichment Manager supervising learning mentors, careers, work-related learning, developing student leadership and overseeing the school’s behaviour management system. She is currently Assistant Head of an alternative education facility leading on Teaching and Learning.

Patricia St Louis

Patricia St Louis has been awarded a Pearson Teaching Award for her work in supporting young people; she specialises in the transition from ages 14-18. Patricia is an AQA Co-ordinator and has achieved a 100% pass rate for students undertaking the AQA Unit Award Progress and Review with a Learning Mentor.

Penny Moon

Penny Moon has worked with a number of mainstream schools across the UK. She is an accomplished author and has produced resources for adults and children, including relaxation CDs. Penny is the founder of A Quiet Place, which offers programmes to promote well-being in the workplace.

Steve Burns

Steve Burns has worked in Pupil Referral Units for the past 15 years while also training in NLP to Master-Practitioner level and as a life-coach. He has a keen interest in Positive Psychology. Steve is a director of Think Forward, an organisation specialising in CPD for those working with young people.

John J Liptak

John J Liptak EdD frequently conducts workshops on assessment-related topics. He has many years of experience in providing counselling services to individuals and groups in a variety of settings. John also has years of teaching experience as an assistant professor.

Ester R A Leutenberg

Ester R A Leutenberg has worked in the mental health field for many years as a publisher, author and advocate for those experiencing loss. Ester co-founded Wellness Reproductions & Publishing and began developing therapeutic products that help facilitators help their clients.

Carol Butler Cooper

Carol Butler Cooper has a Master of Science in Education and School Counselling, a Certificate in Alcohol and Drug Studies and is a Board Certified Psychiatric and Mental Health Registered Nurse.

Kathy A Khalsa

Kathy A Khalsa has been an occupational therapist for over 30 years. She is the clinical coordinator of a senior behavioural health unit in a hospital and is also a life coach and Reiki practitioner.

Anke Bauer

Anke Bauer is a social worker in a secondary school in southern Germany. In the past she worked as a learning mentor in secondary schools in London. Anke mainly works in whole class settings using elements of experiential education.