Have you written a book; designed a game; devised lots of activities? Are they borrowed by admiring colleagues who love using them? Loggerhead Publishing would be delighted to hear from you to help turn your ideas into a publication to share with others.

Email catherine@loggerheadpublishing.co.uk today for more details of how to become a Loggerhead Publishing author. Or take a look at our publishing submission details below.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Detailed below are the sorts of information we need to receive to be able to carefully and accurately appraise the proposed resource. This could be a book, board game, cards or other ideas. The information that you are able to provide within the sections we have included below will enable us to assess potential suitability for publication

A little bit of personal information

This introduces you to us, provides contact details and the sort of area that you work in.

  • Name
  • Address
  • Telephone/mobile
  • Email / website
  • Job role/title
  • Short biography
  • A brief summary of background and specific qualifications/experience relevant to the authoring of the book/resource
  • Details of any previous books/resources you may have published including title, publisher and date of publication.

The proposed book/resource details

  • Proposed title
  • Age group it would appeal to
  • Type of resource – ie book, board game, other
  • Brief description of content – details of the overall theme and content of the proposed resource.
  • An example or photographs if these are available.

Please send to catherine@loggerheadpublishing.co.uk quoting ‘LP1 Publishing Submission’ in the email heading.

Catherine McAllister, Loggerhead Publishing, Park Farm, Preston Deanery, Northampton, NN7 2DY